astrologically something must be going on

im not saying something is going on in a bad way, although i am very happy to see april on the way out. but something weird is happening.

i definitely need to play the lottery. or go to vegas this weekend. or do something so that the weirdness gets turned into something quantifiable and good.

my nutritionist has me eating oatmeal whenever i want chocolate. and it seems like i always want chocolate right before i go to sleep. so at 1am last night i got out of my warm bed and walked into the kitchen to make some oatmeal. but all i had was low sugar oatmeal.

and i thought who on earth bought that?

i really dont have that many houseguests but the ones i have always make little comments – usually of jealousy. like “omg whose hair is this in the shower?” or “when are you ever going to move?” or “since when do you eat strawberries?”

these are all from women commenting, they think, on other women. but the truth is, i am only with the one because the other wont come over regularly enough, or play all these crazy games once they’re there.

im 102 years old. do they really expect me to work, come home, and stare at a wall all night while writing love poems about them in one of my secret blawwwgs?

as if.

yes it is a little odd for a bald man to have long blond hairs in his shower.

but seriously, what isnt odd these days.

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