one thing you dont know in college is that life is tradeoffs

i go to the dry cleaner once a week. that was not something that i felt id be doing. it is as odd to me as if i had a beemer in my driveway. but the tradeoff is i get the job of my dreams.

not an easy job neither.

yesterday i fell asleep at 8:30pm while watching the cubs game. for some reason my body was all, yeah thats all folks. when i woke up i had an email from my good buddy bob who ive known since kindergarten: “So I open up the Drudge Report this morning like I do every morning after stopping by the world famous busblog and behold what do I see screaming at me in 48 pt font? An article about Fidel Castro written by Tony Pierce for the L.A. Times! Congrats!”

so i clicked over to drudge and it was huge. this sickly pic of fidel and the crazy quote that i had put in the headline that drudge seemed to like also, Fidel: “What can we do to help Obama?”

the story was about members of the black congressional congress flying to havana to see what could be done about the bad relationship between the us and cuba. because andy malcolm is on a much needed vacation, i promised i’d help the Ticket, one of the most popular blogs we have. #75 in the world. actually a joy to write for. but typepad had an upgrade recently so people are asking me all these questions, and we’re changing some blogs and working on others, and launching new ones (like Angels Unplugged), i barely had time to get the castro post up, but before i left it was there and i guess an hour later it was on drudge, where it stayed till this morning.

the interesting thing about drudge is reading the comments from his readers. interesting because since he has no comments, they really dont get to say anything on his page, you pretty much have to go somewhere like the comments, for example, of the castro piece, of which there are now 317.

my friend amy tweeted me today. she told me that because im a full time journalist i could go visit there, no problems. and since my grampa, we think, was cuban, and since one of the funnest girlfriends i ever had is cuban, and since i would love to see what its like before the inevitable happens once “normalization” happens… i’ll say this, it certainly would make for an intersting new years eve blockstock.

now the trade off is: read the rest of this anthony keidis book, or hit the hay before 2am.

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