five minutes with tony

in five minutes i have to go to a very important meeting. then i have two important phone calls. later today i have some important drinking to do. which give this my only time to write inside this important blog.

as the N2O was on my face my dentist sighed that he was sad that i dont write political stuff any more and i was all gahhhhhhghghh and he was all like for example how do you feel about the miss california controversy. and i was like ghahhhh hghghhgh ghhahhaaha.

i wonder what it would be like to perform super intense dentistry while trying to have adult conversations with people flying high on gas who cant really speak clearly to begin with?

my answer after the gas was turned off was, “it was pretty much a no-win situation for the woman. and the question should have been taken with as much seriousness as if she had been asked ‘do you like oranges or apples better?’ judgement should have been reserved for not what her answer was, but how did she answer it.”

which of course was the correct answer, and i was named miss california right there in the dentist chair. donald trump came out and everything.

ok its 2pm, go check out our Comments blog and read all the differing opinions in regards to Wanda Sykes vs Rush Limbaugh, etc.