today is pitt’s birthday. hes 27.

actually his birthday was on friday but because facebook has decided to hide what was probably their best feature (telling you when your friends’ birthdays are) i didnt find out till today. so lets pretend today is pitts birthday. and that hes 27.

pitt knows fun. which explains why hes in the army. pitt can sing any song, on stage, at the mic, whether he knows the words or not, and it will be funny and it will be way better than the original. we share the common love of the music of elvis costello, the pogues, tom waits, and rock group tsar. and we share the common love of the beatitful viv, his betrothed.

all the world loves pitt but viv loves him most. raymi comes in a close second, with fil not too far behind. im sure if i lived in the gta id be the treasurer of the pattrick pitt fan club, and not just for the sweet jays tickets.

pitt loves sports and might be the reason why the jays are beating up all over the AL East minus ted lily aj burnett and reed johnson. although pitt sports his lyle overbay jersey whenever possible, he secretly wants one that says johnson on the back.

the general and i met long ago in the sands of iraq during the short lived operation desert shield. although the xbi rarely works on international matters, we had heard of the canadian lad and wanted to see if he might be interested in a different line of work. he politely declined and has grown into quite a man.

even drunk, he can appreciate a nice hardwood floor when others are far less adventurous.

happy birthday commander pitt, shining star of the city of my dreams. may the wind always be at your back and if a bartender spits in a drink i hope its not yours.