whats your boy Anti up to?

hes making sweet vids like this:

today i had the funniest conversations ranging from bacon to “molesting” ducks to possibly going to the finale of american idol tomorrow.

now that i think about it, it was a pretty crazy day from beginning to end. it kind of reminded me of when i sold tvs on commission at Federated Group in West LA in the olden times. some of those days were so busy that there was very little time for lunch or breaks or anything other than reacting to the odd things being thrown at me – many of which were really great.

like having one person buy a $700 vcr while another person said, yes but i need two $1000 tvs right now. and no one else can help. its nice busy.

speaking of idol i think adam totally won it tonight.

wait was there a post yesterday

starring a picture of karisa costarring a tale about moi that got zero comments? i blame karisa. thus i guess no more pics of the blonde westsider. ok. i get the message.

ive been running a little. usually i take a route that sends me past charles bukowski’s old apartment.

a year ago no one cared about it. check that, two years ago no one cared about it. then they wanted to make it a Landmark and his widow was all omg he barely did Anything in that place, and the owners were all omg the building is a dump and we wanna raze the building and make condos. but the city of LA did the right thing and protected it

and now the bungalows have been done up pretty and theres nice landscaping and the whole place looks great. and i dont wanna think that building owners are liars but those ones sure look that way cuz how hard would it have been to just do what they did without all the drama?

anyways last night i ran and normally theres a time when i start feeling a little burst of energy and i get all cocky and i think oh i can run an extra mile now, but funny thing happened on the way to bukowskis house, i never felt better.

the whole 2 mile run i never got a burst of energy, but i plodded away and made it home, took a shower, and thought wow i must really be 102 years old.

then today i saw this picture i took yesterdsay of claire and dave digging in on a beautiful pink box of donuts and i thought, why am i denying myself the pleasure of donuts if my body is just going to get old and deteriorate no matter what?

if the Lord didnt want us to eat donuts, why did he make so many donut trees?

and then i fell asleep before midnite.

omg danielle posted! + omg the pants posted! + omg zulieka has no pics!