wait, the red house furniture commercial is real?

as in its a seriously real business and the commercial isnt a parody?

thats what the AP is saying.

The catchy jingle for The Red House Furniture Store says it all, but doesn’t totally do it justice: “Where black people and white people buy furniture.”

It’s helped make The Red House an Internet sensation thanks to a campy YouTube ad that’s gotten nearly a million views by using racial harmony to sell sectional sofas and grandfather clocks.

The commercial is so low-budget and off-beat that some people can’t believe it’s real.

“For a while, we couldn’t do anything but answer the phone. ‘Yes, we’re a real store. Yes, that’s a real ad,'” said vice president and manager Steve Patalano.

at first i thought it was real, then someone or something convinced me it was fake. now im being told its real.

if any of you have details to prove its fake, please lemme know.

otherwise enjoy the racial harmony and creative success of the video commercial.