i just did a story about the Chupacabra

im pretty stoked

usually i just make a “blog sandwich” out of info from other sources, and then i present it in a funny way or attempt to add something extra. today i heard about this texas taxidermist who had ended up with the dead body of a Chupacabra and i was all eff this i gotta call this dude.

dude couldnta been nicer, and his half-brother was nicer still.

so right now im waiting on one of my favorite copy editors to finish red penning my masterpiece. i think hes run out of red. hes a pro. top notch guy and im sure i have a lot to question because its a much longer post than i planned. but such is life.

earlier today i spoke with some really cool people from our Glendale paper and few others from some of our other neighborhood papers. they all wanted to know more about blogging and social media. i brought donuts and we spent a good chunk of time talking about group blogs vs individual blogs, wordpress vs typepad, and how to fit in blogging to a reporters already busy schedule.

one thing i said to do was to blog while youre waiting for copy to get back to you or while youre waiting for a source to call you back.

like what i just busted with here. hi.

update: it’s up

hey its wednesday which is Tony Asks You day

lets say you were going to go to a concert.

lets say it was The Pretenders, Cat Power, and Juliette Lewis

lets say it was gonna happen in a really cool outdoor theatre

the same one Elvis Costello just rocked.

the question is: if you could get pit tickets for $50 would you take them?

keep in mind youd have to stand the whole show because there are no seats there

or would you pay more money and sit in the seats like a normal person?

ive been working a ton the last few days

and now im tired. of course its 143am. of course i havent just been working exclusively. but i am tired. and i dont think its the work.

i think its the damn heat!

when i first moved to hollywood from the wessssside one of my fears was that it would be so much hotter on this side of LA. and yes its about 10 degrees warmer than the beach but its not like im in the congo.

this apartment isnt meant for long term use. it doesnt have an air conditioner. ive never used the heater. it doesnt have a dishwasher or a washer dryer.

the fridge runs all the time, for no good reason.

i dont have a parking spot.

theres dog poop under the leaky hose, but none of the dog owners pick up the poop.

the store next door closed outta the blue and there hasnt been a sign on the front or any movement around the back. everythings just totally cleaned out and no one seems to be leasing or renting or buying the place. its just frozen in time.

thats the only thing that doesnt make me tired.

it makes me happy. mostly because it keeps me believing that maybe some of this will just turn into a musical at any minute and life will start making sense again.

hot babe was over this weekend. two, to be specific. after some investigation i discovered that one of em was wearing a g-string. and for several days now im still trying to understand the wonder of that piece of human invention.

no animal, if you gave them 5,000 years of making clothes would bust with the thong. giraffes? nope. monkeys? hell no. rhinos? dont be silly.

not even in 10,000 years would the hyena whip out the g-string and then sell it at target.

and its not because theyre lazy.