hey its Friday which in (north) America means Ask Tony

but before you ask your questions in the box below, be prepared to be delighted and amused by these screen captures from the premeire of Flash Forward

the FBI offices in the new ABC show were shot in the former LATimes.com newsroom

look familiar? this is what it looked like when i had an office there, infact you can see my old door handle in the picture above to the right of the middle of the frame

thus, flashforward is my new favorite show.

ok ax yr questions

what ever happened to Lauren Pony?

many years ago the hottest pair of sisters in the blogosphere were the Mad Pony girls in oklahoma. when we first met them kristin was a freshman in college and her sister lauren was still in high school.

time has passed, kristin is a lawyer and lauren is playing semi-pro flag football.

this week lauren had an incident on the field which resulted in 8 stitches.

even though somehow she looks better than ever, kristin is still the busblog favorite. regardless, we hope the younger pony recovers quickly.