my mom just sent me an email

“Wear warm clothes home” she wrote in the subject

shes referring to the fact that im going home for Christmas, and when i was a younger man, i would climb on the plane in shorts and only pack tshirts.

she included this recent picture from my sisters house.

i want to tell her that its so cold here that they closed the freeway after an inch of snow, but she, like most of you, probably, want to believe that LA is an endless summer dream.

which it is, mostly. but last night i had to break out the lectric blanket.

like eddie murphy, matt good is coming to america

according to matt’s site he will be in the US from Mar 8th – Apr 4th.

because life isnt fair, he will rocking one of LA’s coolest clubs, The Troubadour, while im in Austin for SXSW.

the good news though is Matt has a curious hole in his schedule as his tour goes between Arizona and Texas, and it happens right when the music portion of SXSW is going down.

and if theres one place Matt Good would be perfect in is SXSW: tech, new media, great vibes, passionate music.

h/t duane story’s twitter feed

ive been sick in bed sleeping

and trying to do some work

actually i got a fair amount of work done. probably enough not to call this a sick day.

but i was sick. had to order some Tom Kah Kai

you have to watch it if you order broccoli chicken in thai town, cuz they’ll deliver you that chinese broccoli with a few chicken parts in there.

your raunchy photos have lifted my spirits, america, so thank you.

one thing i did accomplish in its entirety was watching the Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious

way better than i expected.

i even fell in love with the woman playing Lil Kim