its sleeting

its snowing

its super pretty out, and i can hear the garage open. my moms home.

she went out to get her hair and nails did. they were supposed to have Girls Night Out, but it looks like it might get canceled cuz of the weather.

i was thinking how easily i could be living here now. when i was younger i was so broke. the possibility of moving back to ILL was so tempting

my moms basement is bigger than my current apartment.

i would have probably been the guy scooping the snow off peoples driveways.

in fact i woulda figured out a way to get the contracts to shovel snow in the winter, and cut the grass in the summer of as many suburban communities as possible.

not exactly what the Lord had instore for me, it appears. and for that i’m grateful.

aim high, young folks. moms basement might be appealing in a lot of ways, but its far more rewarding to strike it out on yr own and blaze yr own trails. take it from me.

ps if you notice the comments are now going in the right direction

happy festivus!

right now Karisa is throwing a Festivus party at her work.

theres a pole, there will be feats of strength, but what i am really curious about is the Airing of the Grievences.

damn do i have some Grievences to Air this year, lemme tell you.

the first being that i dont even know how to spell grievences.

then theres the whole Haloscan commenting system that pretty much has ruined this blog.

then of course theres the time change / jet lag situation that has me up till 4:45am every night.

but tonight im drinking with Jessica (Miss Elgin 2009) and Erin (oak park mastermind) so maybe we can erect a festivus pole at a local tavern and dance around it. or something.

when i was a kid the greatest thing that happened to our town

was it got a shopping mall

we didnt even get the mall, the town two towns over got the mall, but same diff.

yesterday my mom and i went to said mall, 100 years later, to do some last minute Christmas shopping. parts were sad. so sad. like the empty stores in the mall.

some parts were just weird, like the pet store called Furry Babies where the puppies were kept in cribs

and the workers dressed up like nurses assistants and had to wear scrubs.

also weird was the glow in the dark / black light indoor mini golf place, that made me wanna do acid. mom didnt like it when i told her that.

i didnt like it that the only real book store in the place was closing, and all that was left in the “African-American” section was a book about how great Clarence Thomas is/was and a book by Larry Elder. Even for a buck no one wanted those things.

found a couch that made me wanna get married so i could build a mancave.

why get married first? cuz a single man with a mancave is just a pathetic fellow.

wanna know what else is pathetic? that this is so delicious, but my nutritionist would be so disappointed in me for eating it. all. especially the garlic butter cheese grits.

Christmas isnt about malls, it’s about the Baby Jesus.

but you really cant sit on a baby’s lap and take a picture in front of a corporate record store

and if all youre selling is cookies, its hard to beat the pretzel place whose putting cinnamon, sugar,

or pepperoni on their pretzels. so keep that in mind.

from the land of hunting hoodies, peace out