dear blog

we’ve had a pretty good decade together havent we? you betcha.

k, then can you talk to Mr. Clock and tell him to give me a frickin break. every night im trying to make something happen and its 225am or something insane.

tomorrow im supposed to meet Casie at noon and id really just like to sleep all day.

but thats no way to spend the last days of vacation.

i also have the worst stomach situation.

sushi for lunch with soft shelled crab followed by poutine and shawerma from a truck is no way to treat the thing that youve abused the most in yr life.

plus that super big gulp of Capt Morgan courtney poured me followed by the molson canadians pauly kept broing me.

how am i even awake right now?

ah thats right, the 630p nap.

i think companies should factor that into bonuses now that we’re in this neverending recession.

most companies (that arent AIG or all of those banks we bailed out) have a hard time giving their employees raises. so in lieu of that they should offer either a few extra personal days off, or what i would be stoked for: permission to nap in their cars for a good 20-30 minutes after lunch.

does wonders for me. probably because im so ridiculously olde.

before we continue the tales of TO

heres a video of my neice who i promised id post this

young Kyla needed to get a hair cut. her mom (my little sister) said “hey how about we cut it real short and give the hair to little girls who have cancer?”

of course when i heard that was going to be the plan i showed little 6 yr old Kyla a picture of Sinead O’Conner to freak her out.


anyways after she got her hair cut she came home and wasnt at all pleased.

of course thats when i pulled out the video camera and conducted this interview which she originally didnt want to do, but afterwards gave me permission to put on the busblog.

2 minutes later she demanded that it go on youtube as well.

sadly ive been too busy so sorry Kyla that it took so long.

heading off to drink with carrie, courtney

and some knucklehead who cant get it together

had some excellent sushi at Sushi Time on Queens Ave. and then went ice skating with the kids, and it dawned on me why so many of the female canadian bloggers seem to have such a hard time with the canadian dudes

its so simple really

there are no ugly girls in canada.

for every snowflake theres two hot babes.

not just hot but willing, funny, worldly, adventurous, and down to party.

theres no reason at all for dudes to work for it.

one day theres going to be a hot babe revolution up here and theyre gonna either beat the dudes into submission or storm the gates of america.

and god i hope that revolution is televised.

im in Toronto Trick

flew outta Chicago with limited problems. yes there was a new rule that said that flights to Canadia would not allow carryons on their airplanes, but thankfully it did not include purses, laptops, camera bags, and emergency equipment. you know, what carryons used to mean way back in the day before people shoved their rolley luggage into the top of the plane because they were too special to go to baggage claim like the rest of us. lemme tell you. suddenly there was room in the overhead dealies. even moreso on my flight because when you fly on Saturdays or midweek, the planes arent packed. ah luxury.

got picked up at the airport by the angel of toronto.
my flight was delayed so Miss C drove in circles around YYZ for an hour(!)
so when i got into her car i lifted my shirt like The Situation to brighten her day.
then to brighten my day she drove me to the hugest christmas light show on one house in all of north america. witness:

hi baby Jesus:

two points Santa:

after being amazed we ate at a place that only served shrimp if it was ontop of steak. sweet. then i checked into my hotel and Carrie was all, make sure they give you a room that looks out over where there will be fireworks and a huge concert and ice skating on new years eve. so i said cool and they said anything for the busblog, duh!

omg view:

walked around last night. it was negative a million degrees but i felt great cuz i was in a foreign land. gotta give it up to the homeless of TO, those are some committed gentlemen. saw one guy just sitting indian style outside the 7-11 begging. couldnta been a colder night. saw another guy sleeping in a little bank enclave which was smart cuz it was heated in there. but he had one hand down his pants and some of his ass cheek hanging out. brought a smile to my face. then saw two people who didnt look all that homeless, just looked like they couldnt find a hotel room, sleeping over some grates all cuddly and toasty lookin. but how could they be?

anyways many props for their outdoor adventurism. i had two jackets on, a sweater, a cubs “toque”, a scarf, and gloves and i could only walk around maybe 4 blocks before i had to call bs on myself and run back to my room. but before i went up i noticed a LOT of activity at the ice rink outside. they were testing the lights and the sounds for the upcoming NYE celebration and tons of kids were skating out there in the middle of the night. and what really made me happy were two poutine trucks next to the rink. will definately hit up one of those trucks tonight.

then in my hotel all these kids were on laptops in the lobby and playing chess and playing what i will call Knee Hockey. they run around in their knees on the carpet with tiny hockey sticks slapping at plastic pucks. OH CANAADA!!!