the busblog, the daisy princess

and other drama of 2001

i didnt want a blog, i didnt want a teenage long distance gf, i didnt want 9/11 to change everything.

shows how much control i have in my life.

in the wake of the tragedy that was my longest relationship ending came a wonderfully strange romance with someone known here as ashley. it started out as an innocent hunt for drew barrymore photos, it ended in some of the more interesting tales ever described in this blawwwg.

speaking of the busblog, it was in august of 2001 that this here thing was formed as a way to blow off some steam as i toiled away in one of my saddest jobs ever.

at first i couldnt believe ashley liked me as much as i liked her, likewise i couldnt believe how quickly this blog skyrocketed to popularity. probably because at the end of the day i would take the bus home and go to my empty apartment and spend the night alone. none of the rewards that one would expect were in my driveway, socked away in a bank account, or waiting for me in my boudoir. for a long time it was all virtual.

then one day i took a chance to meet the girl who i had only known online. it wasnt the smartest thing to do, in retrospect, flying to las vegas alone. any number of terrible traps could have befallen me. she was far too cute for words, let alone, for me, of course it was a trick. of course i would be robbed and kidnapped, and sent to work in some diamond mines in south africa.

when i first saw her she was this little poof of white and blonde and smiles and immediately i carded her and all night i waited for the hotel door to be broken down but all that happened was charlies angels (the movie) on the tv and diet cokes and smiles and the start of something that could not be stopped no matter how many times i tried to pull the plug.

it couldnt have happened at a more important time for me, and im very glad it happened with ashley because i learned far more from her than youd ever guess. the most important lesson being, its ok to ask for love, and its perfectly fine to demand it.

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