i want all the things you want

love, peace, some good food every now and then

rock bands who actually know how to rock

a clean, well-lighted place to forget something

long walks on the beach, slow strolls inside novelty stores, stolen kisses.

girls who just arent rich, but built too.

there was a time when i was depressed a lot. it was called youth.

then something happens and you realize alls well. you can work yr body. you can eat,

you can stand on yr own two feet. and best of all, you can do it alone.

just like you i want pee-wee’s bike back.

but until then, i’ll settle for everything else.

2 thoughts on “i want all the things you want

  1. i had a dream you came to visit me in elgin and after you left there were little red lizards everywhere.  i figured a pregnant one had snuck into your suitcase and i didn’t know what to do because i didn’t want to kill em

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