im studying for a panel discussion im leading this evening

and im very nervous. but first some answers to ask tony

i still believe

jessica: so i finally have a grasp on what i want to pursue and obtain success in. i want to try w/ visioning, positive affirmations, whatever. you’ve alluded to that sorta thing. how to do it? i want to hear from real-world successful people, not people who have only had success in selling others on the idea of being successful.

Once golfer Lee Trevino hit a hole-in-one and as he was strolling down the fairway to retrieve the ball the crowd cheered hysterically. He turned to the camera and said, “I don’t know what they’re getting all excited about. It’s what I was aiming at.”

Aim at what you want and then do it on a small scale on your own. Wanna be tv actors should be in plays and youtube and on street corners. Writers should write anywhere people can read it. Eventually your own style will emerge and over time, if you’ve been paying attention and experimenting, you’ll be ready for any facet of your dream.

And when everyones cheering I’m sure you’ll have something cool to say.

Gage: What would you stay up all night for? And what’s something you’d stay home rather than do even if most people would think you’re crazy for it?

As long as its an active pursuit I can stay up. But if its a movie or a tv show or something passive like reading a book, I’m out like a rock. With that said, I’d rather stay at home doing anything than going out.

JackassJimmy: What’s the best way to pick yourself up of the canvas, after you’ve been knocked down with a vengeance?

There used to be this super cheesy televangelist who has since fallen in disgrace, which, I imagine is requisite for that line of work. But one thing I loved about him is every now an then during one of his sermons he would call the congregation Saints. “Now Saints, do you think The Lord wants us to stay on the canvas after being struck?”

He painted a picture that the Enlightened are soldiers of Good and need to be stronger than the rest because, well, cuz they have been Blessed, so therefore they should do something with that gift.

So the answer, I guess, is: selflessness is easier to rally from, than anything else.

TEH BEAR…: You going to EDC?

if they didnt play such terrible music id be all over raves. sadly they lack guitars.

A letter from Tomdog to the Tony dog

Dear Tony,

I think you know I’m on my way to Chicago with my friend Timmay in a few weeks – we will be there in a couple days and are wondering if there are any inexpensive but nice _and_ safe places you would recommend we stay at. We arrive on a Thursday, then we’re going to see a game at Wrigley Field on a Friday afternoon, then leave that Saturday AM.

We have no idea if we should try to stay in the city somewhere or a suburb and then take the train in.

Any suggestions you have would be very appreciated.

Yes Tomdog I know of yours and Timmmmmmmaaaaay’s plans. And I celebrate them!

I’d stay downtown. It’s safe enough for Oprah and theres lots more happening there than the Burbs, trust me, i know. Sigh.

If i were you, I would use a Priceline/Hotwire type name-yr-own price site, but first I’d do a little research with a message board like Better Bidding dot com. This is a good forum, for example.

These are two areas I’d recommend: The Loop, and “Magnificent Mile – Streeterville”. Below are some hotels in those areas based on star-rating. I would pick the hood you want and bid like $95 a night or something. Start from there. When I fly to canada I always use Hotwire and I usually get really good rates on really nice rooms.

Chicago (The Loop)
4* Hotel Allegro (previously 3.5*)
Amenities: Boutique, Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business

4* Hotel Burnham (previously 4.5*)
Amenities: Boutique, Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business

4* Palmer House Hilton (previously 3.5*)
Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business
Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business
(same as W Chicago City Center)

4* W Chicago City Center (previously 4.5*)
Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet
(VP now shows Hi-SPeed Internet, making this the same as the Palmer House Hilton)

4* The Wit
Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Spa

Chicago (Magnificent Mile – Streeterville)
4.5* Hilton Conrad (previously 4*)
Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business
(same as Inter-Continental and The James)

4.5* Inter-Continental Chicago (previously 4*)
Customer Favorite
Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business

4.5* James Hotel (previously 4*)
Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Laundry, Spa
Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business
(same as Conrad Hilton and the Inter-Continental)

4* Hard Rock Hotel
Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business
(Restaurant only added recently)
(same as Hyatt and Sheraton and Westin River North and Inter-Continental )

4* Hotel Felix
Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Spa
(same as Hyatt and Swissotel)
Amenities: Boutique, Restaurant, Fitness, Smoke Free, Hi-Speed Internet, Business

4* Hotel Monaco Chicago (previously 4.5*) (moved from LOOP zone)
Amenities: Boutique, Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business

Good Luck!

happy birthday

Matthew Good!

matt good is still the most listened to artist in the pierce household

today is Matt’s big day and i couldnt be happier for him.

the last time i saw your boy he was in his tourbus in Austin munching on a pizza. he had just performed in a club called Prague during SXSW and i’m pretty sure he said something like “we havent played SXSW in 10 years, and i hope its 10 years until we play here again.”

on the long list of wonderful and unexpected gifts that blogging has given me, learning about matt and his music and becoming friends with him is one of the best.

may you enjoy your soccer and eat something better than pizza today, bro.

alecia is in Burma

with her man. why arent you reading her every word?

in just the last post shes gotten sick, she broke out in something, she had to take cough medicine

they are also stared at for her outfits and his mohawk

a guy asked me if Anton “was my brother?” I responded that he was my boyfriend. “Your friend?” …yes…yes, my friend. Boyfriends do not exist, you are either married or a whore!

They probably figured I was more the second considering I only ever saw ONE local female wearing a tank top, and that’s like all I wore…in addition to that, we were in a bar that was playing “Duece Biggelow Male Gigilo” one night and the channel airing it BLURRED OUT THE CLEAVAGE. CLEAVAGE! I must have looked like quite the lady-of-the-night with that kind of ish going on!

she learned that the above symbol is Hindi in origin

and her dude had to play a crazy game called Bravery where you have to put your arm out

and see if the guy cuts yr finger off, cuts your arm, or just punches you.

oh and the guy has a knife.

something the fortune teller didnt teller to watch out for.

and its raining. and the hotel cuts off the AC if the government hasnt paid the bill.


read it yr own selfs for pete sake. (nsfw, foul language)

saw two movies that blew this weekend

the first was tom cruise and cameron diaz in Knight & Day which was ridiculously bad.

so bad it made me wonder how bad Killers was starring ashton kutcher and that lady from knocked up because it seemed to me that this was one of those typical hollywood deals where someone was shopping around a script and someone else overheard it and one studio went with the original and the other went with the slightly altered version and they both were terrible.

not saying thats what happened here, but now i wanna see which was worse cuz obvs anything with ashton has to rise itself above the dbaglevel just to break even, quality wise. and as cute as ms heigel is, shes no cam diaz.

anyway, terrible movie and my date wanted to walk out of the half crowded Regal Cinema (LA Live) theatre on Sunday afternoon but then we’d just have been in the most artificial part of LA with nothing to do, so may as well hold my hand and nibble on popcorn.

night before, danielle and i saw Grown Ups the Adam Sandler flick where he took all his bros (chris rock, david spade, paul blart mall cop, and deuce biggalo male gigolo) and together they sold out and watered down and bored the f out of everyone in the theatre.

such a waste of talent.

secondly, why is The Mall Cop getting better billing than Chris Rock and David Spade?

thirdly why is Adam Sandler intent on making a worse film than 8 Crazy Nights?

fourthly why did this movie get 9% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes? (the lowest rating ive ever seen on a movie on RT) who are those 9% who liked the movie and can they immediately be removed from Rotten Tomatoes?

im eating a salad cuz i made a deal with karisa and later i will join a gym.

omg danielle was here this weekend

and we did a few photoshoots


she was in town after vacationing in St. Thomas


she inspired me to get this new $100 lens the dudes have been talking about


gotta say, it really is as amazing as they say


plus its nice to have such willing of a model.


i think we took a gazillion pics. so i promise there will be more up here laters.

mommy get the oil off!

now you know i love american families.

especially the children, as they are our future.

but if you take your kids to the beach in Florida

AS theres a pretty well publicized oil spill happening in the gulf of mexico

and when you arrive at the beach you see large globules of oil right there in the sand,

wouldnt you tell your precious angels that either they need to stay away from the oil

or, you know, get ready for some sticky icky to get on their lil feets?

I know i dont have kids, and perhaps this sort of logic will fall upon deaf ears

you know, never mind. obviously im the crazy one.