hi blog.

hi tony. hows things? fines.

how come you dont interview me no more? cuz im busy blog. busy doin what?

busy being an old man, bro. yes but you have no kidz no mortgage no gf.

when yr a free agent bloggy youre in omg so much demand.

time is just a concept tho tony.

baby you dont have to tell me that.

then whats yr problem?

i love you bloggy. i love you with my entire heart. i write on this pretty much every day except some sundays cuz youre suppose to chill on sundays.

no you dont.

sure i do.

you write but you dont Write on here no more.


why not?

let me put it this way. sometimes you might be on a date. you might be out on the town with the most amazing girl youve ever met.

uh hmmm.

some times you can sing songs to girls, some times you have whisper cuz they’ll freak out. some times you’re just better off saying very little.

so youre saying you think the world isnt ready for old school busblog in full effizzy?

im saying i know it.

then im sad.

then you’ll have to get over it, blog.

might not be easy to do, tone.

dude, youre the blog of a cubfan. disappointment is written in yr very code.

today is Anti’s birthday

one of the nicest people you’ll meet

i dont know what it is about native califonians but theyre like the sweetest people.

if you skateboarded past Anti on a dark boardwalk you might be frightened at first. hes got great tattoos, amazing tshirts, and a look in his eyes like hes up to something.

and he just might be.

besides being a great blogger, anti is a fantastic photographer, and one of the finest video directors of all time.

he also has a smokin wife, the world famous Big Tanky.

just check out their wedding nearly two years ago.

when i was at LAist anti was one of the first people i wanted to work with. i was thrilled when he accepted, and it was so nice to become friends with him.

sadly because he lives mere feet from the beach, and i live way out here in Hollywood we hardly see each other. thank god for Blogs!

happy birthday bro, thanks for keeping it real, and showing us all how it is supposed to be.

photo of anti with la times editor russ stanton via anti’s buzznet

this is the face of a proud papa

and his recently high school graduated son.

my old college roommate chris threw a sweet bash for his son Justus last night to celebrate the boys graduation from the best private high school on the wesssside.

there was food, booze, dogs, kids, fresh fruit, a taco guy, everything.

but maybe the sweetest moment was listening to the high school kids singing “Eye of the Tiger” while playing Rock Band.

so so sweet actually.

they say graduation is more for the parents than the kids and i never understood that fully until last night. chris and his wife were super proud. it was nice.

and it gave all of us ucsb friends (rob, jeanine, mark, callie, carrie) a chance to reminisce about when we all met as college freshmen.

full circle.

time flies.

grab the gusto.

get yrs.

teach the children well.

and dont forget to spill a lil wine for the brothas who didnt make it.