Sass was asked: “Who is one person you look up to and why?”

She answered: Tony Pierce. I only hope to one day be as honest, endearing and dork nasty of a blogger as he is. The blogfather tells it like it is, nay, ought to be. When he tells me what to do, I usually say ‘no’ then end up adhering to his advice anyway. He has built a life of rock n’ roll, hot babes, blogging and true love – what’s not to look up to?

im so jaded

so over it

just got back from a perfectly fine but strangely disjointed concert, that may have turned me off to the concert experience for a little while.

it was activisions E3 party. you may recall last year Ali and i went to the wiltern and saw travis barker and dj am, jay-z, and eminem do their collective things.

turned out they sold a bunch of guitar heros cuz this year it was at staples and it was usher, janes addiction, chris cornell, maynard doing bohemian rhapsondy, n.e.r.d., eminem with special guest rihanna.

on paper it was spectacular, but america thats why they dont play these games on paper.

in person it was fine, free beers, free snacks, only half of staples was filled so everyone had a good seat. but it was so disjointed and awkward with weird pauses inbetween sets, and the people only got to play a few songs.

no mc, no host, just this weird dj up in the stands trying to fill the gaps with popular tunes.

i drank. the girls next to me laughed and took pictures of themselves. i took a picture of them and when they got back from the powder room they handed me two beers. so i was content.

but bored.

is this really it for me? can one big band after another not satisfy my attentions? usher danced. eminem stopped around. maynard was vulnerable and powerful. rihanna looked super hot.

and janes addiction was finally able to air out their old classic mountain song in a proper arena whose echos perfectly matched the psychedelia of the twenty year old monster.

but still i got home barely buzzed and hungry for more than just cold chicken in the fridge.

am i at the age where the only music that would please me are my kids doing some super cute recital for grade school? if so just kill me now.