there was an eight-hour tennis match today in england

kittenand some poor slobs had to Live Blog it!! as someone who tries to encourage people AWAY from live blogging, it is funny that what should have been an hour or two assignment turned oh so terribly wrong.

by wrong i mean hilarious. especially when we are talking about british journalists.

heres a very small sample of the genius that went down today in uk blogging. guardian, uk, that is:

4.45pm: It’s ace number 62 for John Isner in the Never-Ending Story of Court 18, a tournament record. But, incredibly, Mahut seems to be coming back at him. He forges his way to the first deuce of the set thanks to a backhand lob that somehow gets over the head of the American, who stands six-foot-nine in his stockinged feet. Both men, as has been established, are now dead on their feet, although the Frenchman looks the marginally less rotten (a few less worms wriggling from his eye sockets).

Naturally Isner holds on, He staggers, sightless, to the net and scrapes off a desperate drop volley for a winner. The American now leads 24-23. But inevitably we are still on serve.

“No!” screams a gang of reporters. “Nooo!” I think that they are lamenting the match, but of course they are lamenting the football. On the other side of the world, Slovenia just came close to scoring.

4.50pm: It’s over. It’s finally over. It was a long, hard match and it took its toll on the players. But finally, at long last, we have a result.

I’m actually talking about the football here. England win 1-0 against Slovenia to go through to the knock-out stage. The Isner-Mahut match is still ongoing: 24-24 in the final set. Isner’s leg has just dropped off.

if you didnt hear, the match was postponed due to darkness.

it will resume tomorrow.

this photo doesnt do the lady any justice

but lets pretend youre driving to work on Sunset Blvd and in the distance you see these long legs

sure there are other things to notice: the fancy cars, the fire truck, the guy dressed up as a Subway sandwich spinning a sign, etc.

but you see these legs.

then lets say you just happen to have your iphone on yr lap cuz its belting out the summer jamz

then lets say a schoolbus slows down to let a metro bus get in front of you.

normally youd pound the steering column, frustrated that you’re gonna be 5 seconds later to work than you were planning on being.

but these legs settle you down and you finally understand why racehorses always have a slightly smaller horse nearby

so they can calm the testosterone-laden beasts.

because when youre calm you can accept the world for what it is: beautiful

and you now have time to do the right thing.

which in this case is take a picture and turn south on alvarado

and jump on the hollywood freeway

to earn yr daily bread.