there have only been two shows that i really wanted to go to

that i wasnt able to

the first was Tom Waits in 1986 at the Wiltern.

the other was Janes Addiction last night at the Roxy.

yes i had just seen Jane’s last month at Staples as part of that Activision party.

and it was really nice to see Duff from Guns n Roses on bass.

but the Roxy is a super special place. a proper rock club. right there on the sunset strip. so historic, so amazing, so perfect.

fortunately someone with super inside access was able to provide these clips from last night’s show.

and strangely he marked them “Sunset Strip Music Festival”, which it is not.

but did he tip his hand? will Jane’s play the same Fest later this summer that Smashing Pumpkins was announced to headline?

now that would be a very good show indeed.