the question asked in one of the comments below was How the Heck was Sunset Strip Music Fest?

id like to get into great detail but i was pretty hammered. as was karisa and mary when they met Melrose Larry Green. Larry blushed when we asked if we could get a snap with him. that made me blush.

then we saw Jesus. i mean Dr. Lou Adler. the founder of the Roxy and the Rainbow, the man who made Cheech & Chong famous, the producer who recorded among others Sam Cooke & The Mamas & the Papas, the man who produced the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the guy who sits next to Jack Nicholson at the Laker games. i asked him if he ever thought that the Roxy and Rainbow would ever evolve to such a cool street fest and he just smiled like the cool cat he is.

there was food trucks galore. and being LA there was even one that served salads.

Common rocked the East Stage, and on the West Stage was Slash with Fergie, and later the Smashing Pumpkins.

pumpkins played 90 minutes and delivered all the hits, including a drum solo since it was the sunset strip and all. speaking of, i want more drum solos at concerts, people!

fun fact: you can always tell when im drunk because my one eye closes up half way. you can always tell when karisas drunk because she holds you close and tells you she loves you

and then we saw Jesus with a nice lady with Lolita glasses. so yeah, great day.