wall street journal vs the new york times explained

via Taiwanese animation

sarah ellison of vanity fair describes my favorite part nicely

Murdoch’s fin never disappears, even as he and his Chinese-born third wife, clad in a cheongsam, blast a WSJ-branded cannon full of dollars towards Sulzberger and a sombrero-wearing Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who is the Times’s largest shareholder outside Sulzberger’s own family. The NYT cannon responds, but sends a lonely bill floating to the street.

as sad as the two grand papers are portrayed here, why is it that blogs always end up being given the worst treatment? we’re just bloggin over here.

h/t kosearas

i think i need some time off

a respite. a break.

i think i need to get outta cali and spread my wings and fly butterfly like mariah.

i think i need to take a pretty girl and hold her hand as she takes her shoes off at security.

i think i need to unplug for a while and check out and tune out and tune in.

i think if i see a carnival i need to stop what im doing and go to it and play

and not take any pictures for the blawwwwg

or for even posterity.

the present begins with me.

i think if the xbi sends a dancer over to whisper in my ear “theres a boat you should see”

i will not take the bait and drive down to the ocean.

and i will not take the bait and find myself on the boat.

no matter how badass it is.

i think the next time i go to the beach it will be for pleasure, not business.

and the next time i see a ball game it will be at wrigley, not the ravine.

i think im very happy its friday.