quickie photo essay of love regarding the meat packing district and The Village

they built a park ontop of an old abandonded elevated railway track

late at night we tried to see Those Darlins at the Brooklyn Bowl but it was sold out
so we went to an oktoberfest styled beer garden in Williamsburg and afterwards we got into
a crazy taxi driven by a crazy romanian lady who accidentally took us back to manhattan

not only did she have a pigeon in her front seat that she was resuscitating
but in the back of her cab was a tv with nbc programming starring

YOUR MAN SCOTT ROSS aka The Popcorn Biz or something

the lady was so fascinating, telling us crazy stories about romania and 9/11 and astrology
that i was about to tip her bigtime cuz it was a show all its own.
and right before we got to our stop we saw a black man trying to hail a cab
so i said do you pick up black men? she said of course, everyone needs a ride.
she said, but i close the partition. we all laughed. and i tipped her bigger for being honest.