everythings ok

leo weeknd

i didnt bet the house on the Panthers

i didnt buy a house and then bet it on the Panthers either.

i was thinking about it, but the Lord loves me and told me to have brunch with two lesbians  instead of watching the first quarter

when i got home i just tweeted it and enjoyed it  and realized oh yeah thats why i never bet on sports: im terrible at it.

funny thing happend though. after i was done tweeting, sorta like at the end of the Blues Brothers,

my computer just fell apart in a dozen pieces and died right there on my bed.

so blogging will be limited.

my fantasy hoops teams will be half staffed.

and i’ll probably get some sleep tonight.

today was our Oscars Noms Luncheon. it was cool. lots of your favorite filmmakers were there.

it was warm outside by the pool. like 80+ degrees.

theres a lot of great pictures from todays event over on our Facebook and Instagram.

I Snapchatted a bunch of it.

but now im super tired, my feet hurt, and i just want some Thai food and fall asleep.