dear tony, would you ever leave LA?

LAsure, for the right opportunity.

i love california. i’ve lived here for the last 31+ years.

today, in the second week of february, it’s nearly 90 degrees today.

the sky is blue, im wearing a short sleeved shirt.

if my cats wouldnt sneak out, i would have my windows open as i snooze tonight.

yesterday i walked a few miles in the middle of the night because i was in such a great mood and it was gorgeous outside.

i listened to the Clash and Kiss and all these great tunes via Spotify and i didnt want my little walk to end.

could i do that in NYC? probs but i woulda been frozen.

could i do that in Japan? probs but i woulda stopped at a bunch of sushi bars.

hollywood has been my home since april of 2001, i know where everything is and where everything used to be

but in a weird way that now makes it boring.

in a weird way i wanna learn new things.

dont you wanna be learning all the time?

isnt that why kids are so happy?

isnt that why they grow? cuz their brains are giving them new life?

isnt it awesome when we meet someone new and they show us their house and theres like a giant projection tv in their house surrounded by all these VHS tapes of all these great movies? isnt it fun to look at all of those movies? isnt it fun to walk into their back yard and sip on a beer as they smoke a cigarette?

isnt it nice to smell the smoke in the hair of a girl you barely know while she lets you get close enough to smell all of that?

LA has let me nuzzle up to it for quite a while and trust me, im honored, but the Good Lord has given us a big big globe to explore, Dora

dont you think we should get out of our bubble, homer?

i do.