i am a half million years old

work of artand on this journey i have seen a million beautiful images. these eyes. oh boy. what theyve seen.

ive gone to museums, rock shows, wonders of the world.

some of the most amazing women have said hi busblog and stripped down and hugged me.

ive read amazing books, been taught by some of the brightest teachers.

and living in california most of my life ive seen more than my fair share of gorgeous landscapes, sunsets, and skateboard tricks.

most of the time i say, why have you given me this, Lord, why me? who am i?

and every now and then a little voice will whisper: because you will write it down.

im reading Acts right now which is one of my favorite books of the bible because shit gets cray in there. some weird magical stuff goes down and people are all wtf! after all of that i went to the movies with a pretty girl who in the middle of the movie asked me to squeeze her bare leg, so i did. it was the best part of the film.

i get disappointed easily because i have high hopes. especially for movies. especially for movies directed by ppl who rarely make bad movies.

but perhaps one reason i am so thankful for when i get to see or experience something super good

is because i sit through so much crud.

Everybody Wants Some was crud.

if bro wanted to make a gay movie, he should have. but maybe he thought it would be ok. it’s ok bro.

that movie i sat through last night was not ok.