fascinating watching the GOP lose their minds right now

im with racist donald trumpthey pretend theyre the party of lincoln but we all know thats a lie.

theyre the party of the one percent.

they dont want to tax those who could actually pay tax

they want to blow up whoever disagrees with them

and right now they wanna blow up their own nominee.

why? because he is too much like them.

he is the Uber GOP: he has no real ideas, he has no love for what is truly lovable about this country, and the only reason he is where he is is because of the banks.

just like them.

but unlike them he says what is in his head. unlike him he can’t hide his racism and ignorance and spite.

and why should he? letting his id run the show has made him richer than he could have ever dreamed of being, and famous, and gotten him yuuuuuge ratings on tv.

if it aint broke!

but the GOP leaders are clearly used to holding the strings over their boys and girls. how do we know this? because they’re freaking out that they cant tell trump what to do and say. they yearn for Mitt even though Mitt lost and Mitt proved that Obamacare worked. doesnt matter, he would jump when they told him to.

trump aint jumping for anyone except for that drunk Bart Simpson in his head who says cowabunga every time he sees a pretty girl or a Muslim.

they say politics is about power. but the GOP are showing it’s also about control. sadly control is an illusion and the party who brought the world w, mcain, palin, mitt, lying ted, little marco, that lady from hp, herman cain, paul ryan, and smart glasses rick perry probably wishes that their whole job right now was to go back to trying to scare the masses about terrorism, abortion huts, and death panels

because theyre about to lose the white house, and probs both houses of congress.

this is the party that has owned talk radio, owns all the biggest corporations, went to the best schools, know all the right people, but has never had an agenda that benefitted the middle class. so they will lose (again) and their biggest nightmare is about to come true

hillary clinton is going to appoint four supreme court justices.

and the world will not implode

and america will say why did people ever vote republican?

and someone will say, same reason people used to use Internet Explorer:

it came with the system