Matt Welch is stepping down from being Editor in Chief of Reason

matt emmanuelle mayorThe man has a wife and two lovely daughters to support. So what will he do next?

Because the typically transparent Lakewoodian has been unusually tight lipped, one can only assume he already has something in the works.

Here are the Busblog Speculations:

1. he will be the Campaign Manager for the Tony Villar for Governor campaign

2. he will replace Albert Pujols at first base for the Angels (cant do any worse)

3. he will play rhythm guitar in the Ringo Starr All Starr Band

4. he will return to UCSB to finish his degree, become sports editor of the Nexus, and bring back the Good Morning Goleta radio show on KCSB.

5. he will replace the outgoing Skip Bayless and square off against Stephen A. Smith every morning on a new ESPN show called “Loudmouth and Whitey”.

6. he will return to his beloved Eastern Europe, along with his pal Tony Pierce, where they will roll out a chain of taco joints called Del Playa Taqueria.

7. he will be a producer on the next Morgan J. Freeman MTV series called Strapped about teen NRA members who love hip hop.

8. he will go into business helping gentrification-focused real estate flippers install Conversation Pits into Craftsman homes.

9. he will return to a life of crime, by which I mean letting his hair grow out and panhandling Euros from tourists on the Charles Bridge

10.  Two words: Tronc VP