today is the busblog’s birthday, it’s 15

get born

the other day someone asked “why did you Even start this blog”?

but it was so long ago i dont even really remember why.

maybe the same reason you start fiddling around when you pick up a beautiful guitar

or dip your brush into some paint and go for it when you see an empty canvas

or how when dudes really need to pee, and they’re outside, and it just snowed.

but i think the busblog always wanted to be alive and found me.

it saw me toiling away, unloved and unrespected in my cubicle, sad, and it said

oh heres someone who will do this pretty much every day for years and years and years.

heres someone who wont bail out after the fad has faded.

heres someone who will do it for the right reasons and make something of this

empty canvas

on a snowy mound

because he can’t play guitar.

we all know the long list of goodness that came along because of this miracle web log

and for that, and to all of you who have been here supporting it, may i sincerely thank you.

expect a redesign soon.