i may not be a huge success but im not a fucking sellout asshole liar

head of the DEA

this is Drug Enforcement Administration chief Chuck Rosenberg.

just look at him.

his whole life he has seen people smoke weed.

he knows people who have smoked weed.

but one thing we know for sure: he has never ever ever seen someone smoke weed and die.

he hasn’t even read about it.

but yesterday he got on the mic and said that, indeed, marijuana should be considered just as dangerous as LSD and heroin.

heroin, of course, is a drug where if someone takes too much of it they will die.

but Drug Enforcement Administration chief Chuck Rosenberg doesn’t want to do the right thing today.

he doesn’t want to say, weed has never killed anyone. it’s easy to stop doing. and it’s easy to regulate.

it’s as easy to deal with as booze or cigarettes, and in fact we could make a ton of money off sales tax and other sorts of taxes if we wanted.

but instead of that we want to lock people in jails, and take their shit, and take their money and ruin their lives.

Drug Enforcement Administration chief Chuck Rosenberg basically said yesterday that the laws surrounding marijuana are more dangerous than the plant itself

and thats ok with him

because he’s a fucking tool

on the take

just like his predecessor

and the one before that one.

this is the biggest thing im disappointed in obama about.

because he fucking knows too.

two years ago yesterday we lost a giant

Academy-to-Robin-Williams-Genie-youre-free_zpsfc4ec9aathe reason everyone should blog is maybe if everyone blogged we would know when more people are battling things.

and we’re all battling things.

some are fighting more serious things than others and need a little more help.

robin williams was so beloved can you imagine the outpouring of support that he would have had if we had known?

pretty sure lots of people would have also gotten that love.

but the first part of it is we have to know.

life is so very complicated

it’s better that it’s complicated but it can make it so hard.

superstars are just like us. they should be more like us. they should write in public. they should use instagram. they should tweet. we should give them a break once in a while though.

not everyone can afford a social media wunderkind.

life shouldnt ever be determined by money.

and it should never be ruined by fame.

i can’t help thinking if robin williams was a mid level manager he would have gotten the treatment he needed.

but because he was super famous he thought he had to do something different than everyone else.

but as sting once said, if only you knew how fragile we are.