it’s very important to have the right music going when you pick up ppl

lou reed

got a ping in westwood, which was fine. normally im taking consultants from the hotels near UCLA to LAX on thursdays.

yesterday, no such luck. a bunch of short and medium trips around beverly hills and westwood, which is actually better because im trying to lose a few pounds so zulieka will love my nude snapchat pics and any time i drop someone off at LAX late on a thursday i always make a run to in n out for my long drive home because there really isnt much business around there.

so i got the call. the name sounded arabic. usually i’ll put on old school jazz like wes montgomery or miles or art or thelonious. but this place was south of wilshire so i threw on some solo lou reed. a nice little mix i made. you know.

couple appear. they apologize for being late to the car. say they had problems putting their kids to sleep.

i was all, say no more. (as if i knew what that was like) (i would let them cry. LIFE ISNT ALL THREE WAYS AND ICE CREAM ORGIES, KIDS, CRY ME A RIVER) and they giggled. then i made the worst mistake of all, i asked them how old their little darlings are.

they said, “fine.” and then started bickering with each other about how they need to be tougher on their kids. then they argued about moving one of the kids from one class to another because he had no friends (this is day three of the school year) and none of the kids are persian and the teacher might be great but the class is too big.

sometimes theyd argue in english but as i turned Sweet Jane up they started fighting in persian.

it was very uncomfortable.

finally they asked me if i had any kids.

i said, the people i drive are my pride and joy and i hope they feel safe and loved on our trips.

calmed them right the hell down.

do i know whats going on with anything?


do i even pretend i know whats happening?


is that why i believe in God?


is that why i believe in luck?


is that why i believe you should just practice, be cool, work hard, read, pray, be a gentleman, and when the shit gets crazy

know that craziness only lasts a short time

which is also just a theory

because deep down i dont know shit.

unless its whispered to me on a summer night

beneath a shooting star

or was it a plane