this morning i realized that in about a month i will be crying

andy warholi was in the shower. the cats were looking at me.

lynyrd skynyrd’s second helping was booming from my cute little black bluetooth speaker

and it dawned on me that the cubs have a very good chance of not only winning the world series

but doing it in a sweep.

currently they are 41 games over .500

to put that in perspective, over the last 71 years the cubs have only been 22 games over .500

SIX times.

like i said, today they are 41 games over .500 as they get ready to face the lowly brewers of milwaukee, which means they have a very good chance of being 42 games over .500 before we lay ourselves to sleep tonight

of the years the Cubs finished 22+ games over .500 (1969, 1977, 1984, 1989, 2008, 2015), i ended up crying in sorrow half of them

which made me think this year i will either cry in unbelievable joy

or bawl in absolute, terrifying pain.

i have had friends invite me to join them in vegas so we can watch the world series at a famous strip club so as to soften the blow if the unmentionable happens.

but i dont want to think that way. i want to go to Chicago and either celebrate or commiserate in Wrigleyville with my brethren and sistren

and then maybe walk home after the big game, 40 miles away.

so as to let it sink in.

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