two things will happen

eventuallyeither you’ll make some good contributions to the world and then you’ll die.

or you’ll make some whatever contributions to the world and then you’ll die.

we Gen Xers aren’t supposed to care about these things but we do secretly. very secretly.

weird thing is our generation hasnt become president yet. and it doesnt look like we will for a while.

theres gonna be hillary for eight years and then michelle obama for eight and then finally we’ll get in there with cory booker.

we’ll get in eventually.

until then heres what i plan on doing. i plan on giving money to pretty much any go fund me that appears on my facebook wall. why? why not. i dont go to church. i dont walk around DTLA much, how else am i supposed to give to charity?

a long time ago the Cubs were considered a charity. now they’re the presumptive world series champs.

so how else can we contribute to this planet?

for one i like to put little signs on peoples windows when they park ridiculously badly.

i also like to tell construction workers when theyre looking particularly fetching.

and of course i like to sit behind home plate and compliment the ump on his sharp eyes.

NO NEED FOR ROBOTS TODAY i like to shout a few times an inning.

yesterday i bought the NFL season pass from directv.

so i can get on twitter every sunday and encourage the Bears’ QB

to retire.

yr welcome.

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