they arrested twice as many people in Isla Vista on Halloween

we did itas they did around wrigley field the night the cubs won the world series.

in IV there were 500+ people walking around the streets.

in Wrigleyville there were “hundreds of thousands” according to the police.

twice as many arrests in iv.

why do i still care about a town that just lays there and takes it.

how do you let your brothers and sisters get popped for having a stereo turned on past 10pm on a Monday? how do you let 108 cops come into your town to sniff under every nook and cranny to cite you or jail you simply because it’s the last day of October?

i want to think it’s because young people do not know that they have power.

but im starting to think it’s because this generation never really played outside before.

when i was a kid, in this neighborhood that i blog from tonight, i rode my bike everywhere day or night. we played all over, sometimes after the lights went out.

so of course in college we roamed the streets all night and everywhere, exploring, learning, stumbling, and boning.

maybe this gen grew up inside so is comfortable inside in college.

maybe theyd rather watch videos of people talking about roaming the streets of DP

than actually doing it.

what the fuck have we created?