Jon Oliver put this week’s entire episode on YouTube

maybe it’s cuz he knows we can’t just do the same old thing any more

and pretty much says so near the end.

he’s a funny dude and im glad he’s around.

but it’s hard for me to think that if Jon Stewart was still on the air

and if Colbert had his report still, Trump winning woulda been a little harder.

but millions of people wanted him and Trump was his own worst enemy

so who knows, maybe some people just don’t mind when drunk people drive

on the ice

at night

while also tweeting

and looking for the right emoji.

are we all gonna die?


i would make the worst dad.

is russia gonna invade us?


is china gonna help them?

if they were smart.

is china smart?

not with all that fucking pollution theyre not.

is the world going to speed up global warming with a republican president and a republican congress and republican governors pretty much everywhere?

we would only be so lucky if the icebergs all melted and flooded florida instead of dealing with the nuclear winter we are gonna have once all the bombs are accidentally and then on purposelly fired off at iran and korea and milwaukee and paris.

is mike pence secretly gay?

no, he’s just an asshole. gay people have style.

is rihanna a slut?

we really cant go around saying that women have the right to do with their bodies what they want and then run around even allowing that word to even exist.

what word?

good boy.