today is danielles birthday. shes 24


i have a new picture of her but im lazy. i have new stories to tell but im tired. what i can reveal is danielle doesnt look even half her age.

she has the energy of a small child who just ate a box of Smarties and drank a gallon of Kool-Aid

she has jokes. she has insights. she has long legs and beautiful hair.

but most importantly she has style.

i mean soul.

Danielle will win you over in seconds, not minutes. you might not believe it, but you should. its real.

she is real. she keeps it real. she kept it real on her blog but she kept it super real by quitting blogging.

heres my list of people im sad quit blogging:


the pants


the LA Times


danielle got a room at the ace and said a few things and they said omg danielle THE danielle, would you like a free upgrade?

she said yes yes yes. and they said would you like a room with a balcony and a guitar

a room with a balcony and two lines of cocaine

or a room with a balcony and a record player?

she said do you have any Leonard Cohen records and they said, hipster please, of course!

and maybe thats why she was in such a good mood, she knew she had great tunes waiting for her in her room after the show.

happy birthday miss san dieger!

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