joy to the world, all the boys and girls

today a child was born.

a child who scared leadership so much that the king ordered to have him killed.

his dad couldnt get a hotel room.

a gigantic star was blowing up his spot.

it was cold as balls.

and the artists kept painting him with blue eyes.

the donkeys knew what was up.

as did the mule and the lambs.

and the goats.

and the drummer boys.

the killers were coming, but so were the wise men.

and all around him were angels, chillin,

doing what they could,

which was little.

it’s ok. he had this.

you have this.

today is the day God became human, striking fear into all the things that should be fearful,

and hope into the hearts of the hopeful.

today inspired a long list of beautiful songs, weird customs, and totally unrelated activities.

but at its heart is love.

the best of all.

merry christmas from the world famous busblog

and the super secret xbi

champions of the world.

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