just because youre nice doesnt mean yr not the boss

she was all, i want you to do this thing

i said you should probably change that verb

to what?

how about to one where you are begging.

you mean, tony i beg of you to do this thing?

i said thats a start in the right direction.

she said, please tony, im begging?

i said, keep practicing in that ball park.

the sad thing about the world is there are very few leaders.

there are repeaters, and they dont even do that very well

there are followers, many of whom stray.

and there are doe eyed believers.

but leaders, especially those who know where to go and how to get there

are few and diminishing.

for some reason she wants to tell me what to do in my house and in my bed


gigantic mistake.

and proof she has been lusting the wrong white boys.

brothers dont play that game.

other day i was driving through a bad part of town. but crazy me, i forgot i was driving a benz.

young dude, looked to be have hispanic half black, skinny, hungry, wild eyed

he was sitting at the bus stop then he jumped up when he saw me not flinch when our eyes met

the light was red and he approached my rolled up window. he tapped.

i rolled it down a smidge.

“whats your name” he asked and yanked the door handle

knife glistening in his sweaty waistband.

Death i said. meant it, and drove away.

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