the white house called

tony we want you to be the president’s twitter editor

who dis?

it’s the white house, we realize there are issues with what the president tweets and we need an editor. 


how much would you charge?

one billion dollars.

be serious.

one point five billion dollars.

why won’t you be reasonable?

why wont you let a black man become a billionaire?

that’s not how things work

yeah no shit.

we can pay you a fortune, but not a billion.

pay me whatever that jerk off bannon is getting paid plus one dollar and speaking of the dollar, put Rosa Parks on the dollar bill and i’ll do it.

tony, i AM stephen bannon

and my other condition is i am never to talk with you again.

the latter can be arranged, but we can’t change the dollar bill.

then i guess you’re shit outta luck.

we will be in touch with you again.

text next time why dont ya


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