took an uber to see the doctor yesterday

i didnt drive cuz i was all dopey on all the Benadryl and rum i was using to make my cough and headache STFU

when the driver found himself in a little traffic i noticed that i was gonna be about 10 minutes tardy so i called the doctors office to alert them

“oh tony no one called you?”

called me?

“yes the doctor had to go to home around lunchtime.”

apparently he was sick too.

“we can reschedule you for friday if you like.”

this is the thing about the xbi. they dont want you to get well. and for sure they dont want you using non-xbi doctors.

the REASON you’re sick is because either they poisoned you

or they are experimenting with sound waves or mites

or food allergies or lsd microdoses.

will they tell you they are using you as a guinea pig?


will they apologize? or send you a remedy via sexy delivery service?


they make YOU figure it out. they make YOU suffer. they give you the worst headaches youve ever had in your life. because it is their belief that if you think you are going to die, you, their pride and joy, YOU will find the cure and when you do they will in turn benefit.

so theres one of two things you can do: die or fight.

ive seen agents just give up and jump off the rocks into the mexican riviera. and all the xbi will ever say is well he proved he was no longer worth our time and effort.

and then theres morons like me who curl up with blankets and capt morgan and let the poison do its magic which those bastards love because they can see and they can learn and they can scribble their notes and even though I havent been one of theirs for years suddenly i am working for them in this capacity and its disgusting.

but i do know some things that they dont like. they dont like me fat. which is why i only eat at drive thrus and never work out. they dont like me single, which is why i havent dated seriously in a long time. and they dont like me writing about them which is why the busblog is my favorite f you.

who will have the last laugh?

mcdonalds, probs.

until then i hope my doc recovers because hes a good man and doesnt deserve this.

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