dear tony, has it really been a week since youve blogged?

this is easily the longest time i’ve gone without writing in this beautiful magical blog.

sorry, i was busy.

Andrew asks, How do you keep your forehead so wrinkle free?

I rub white girls on it.

Tim French wonders, What’s your favorite sandwich topping, and why?

Miracle Whip because it makes my 99 cent store cold cuts go down smooth and also because brown spicy mustard is rarely brown enough nor spicy enough.

Asher asks, Are you now the only person allowed to tweet behind the scenes at the Academy Awards?

My role the other night was to shoot the Snapchat story. It was pretty good mainly because I wasn’t distracted doing other things like Tweeting. In fact I don’t even think I tweeted on my personal account that day/night.

Jennie Roth queries, You have four hours to kill in downtown Toronto before the MG show next Saturday. What do you do?

I love this question. I have a pint with Pitt and Viv, then we go ice skating in that outdoor skate rink I think it’s Nathan Phillips Square or Jack Layton Circle. Then of course some poutine on Queens and then puke it out somewhere on the way to the gig.

Cheryl Devall asks, Who are you wearing in that photo?

Friar Tux!

Rob Shisler asks, Mr. Tony, your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?

I’ve never been popular. Even when this blog was getting 40 comments a day every day I was barely in the Technorati Top 200. This was back when there were only 200 blogs. But what I do have are an amazing group of friends and virtual friends who love real conversations about actual topics and not baloney. How did I attract them? All blessings come from Above.

Kate McLaughlin wonders, What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Take more pictures.

Smelly Danielley asks, What kind of moisturizer do you use? 

Hempz! (My mom got it for me)

Patrick Pitt asks, How do you want to be remembered?

As an honorable reflection of my mom, Isla Vista, and Generation X.

Bill Downing queries, Have you picked a running mate in 2020?


Mike Lazzaro wonders Bourbon/Whisky/Scotch?

Maker’s Mark / Redbreast / Gross

John Smith asks, do you ever work with celebrities now that you work at the academy?. . . and if so, who are the coolest ones to work with?

Other than hey can I take your picture? I can’t say I really work with the moviemakers. That may change soon. But so far I’ve noticed that everyone has been super cool and very easy to work with. For some reason everyone is nice to us at the Academy.

Adam Mefford wonders, Which celebrity are you most often confused for?

J. Lo

Dave LaDelfa asks, Do you have any advice for young people trying to break into the industry?

Read as many biographies and autobiographies of people in the industry as you can. It’s shocking to me how many young people make the same mistakes of the generations that came before them.

Dave Coelho queries, How many games will the Cubs win this year?

113 in the regular season, 7 in the playoffs, 4 in the world series, so 124?

Mat Gleason asks, Bryant, Schwarber and one pitcher of my choice for Trout straight up, you make that trade?

Schwarb is probably better placed in the AL, and the Halos will for surely lose Trout, so I would part ways with my favorite Cub for the MVP of the AL, but I would not give up the NL MVP. We have a lot of depth in the IF, I’d toss in Addison Russell, Jake Arrieta and one more pitcher.


Alyson Shane asks, What has been your favourite career-related experience so far?

It’s pretty tough topping interviewing Hugh Hefner inside the Playboy mansion

Emilio Reyes Le Blanc wonders, Was the Oscar statue crafted from your physique?

It’s an artist’s rendition of what I will look like in 4-5 years if i gave up fast food.

DVL asks, Who invented liquid soap and why?

Charles Manson invented it. He hates bars.

Delores Dyer wonders, How do you heal a broken heart?

Like most things, you gotta kiss your way through the pain.

Kevin Davis says, Ok So youre on a boat. And you get married. Now that boat crosses the international dateline, so technically, its the day before. Are you still married?

My fear of commitment is the exact reason why I avoid boats.

Dave Olson asks Have you won a Tony Award?

No but lovely Shawna from Vegas went this year and took this picture for me.

Mary Schneider wonders, How much residual white powder is left in the bathroom at the Kodak theater?

People do those things when they want to get up. Don’t you think you’re already as up as you can be when you are at the Oscars?

Bob Downing asks, Can you please list your 2017 NL Central picks, and playoff/World Series picks?

  1. Cubs 2. Ditka 3. Brew Crew
  2. Then the Cubs beat the Dodgers in the playoffs then the Cubs beat the Mets in the other playoffs.
  3. Then the Cubs beat the Red Sox in the World Series

Michael Katz asks, Is Joe Flacco a elite quarterback 

Hell no.

Todd Cox wonders, why are fire engines red?

Because they don’t apply enough lotion before they go outside

Craig Wong inquires, Who’s more macho? Fernando Lamas or Ricardo Montalban? Who’s more macho? Lord lamas or montalban?

Mr. Fantasy Island is super macho especially in the episodes where he gets pissed off.

Nancy Rommelmann asks, What’s the old-school place to eat in Chicago, but not crusty?

The Billy Goat underneath the Tribune

Randy Holloway wonders, Why do you hate the best franchise in baseball?

The World Champion Chicago Cubs are my all time faves. Maybe you’ve seen my hat(s)

Guy Gottlieb sorta asked, Why didn’t you wear your hat to the Oscars?

I didn’t want to draw any attention from our invited guests.

Phil Shelly wonders, Why can’t you use a white, red, or black car while being an extra on Chicago Fire?

Because those are the ones they blow up

Tony Klecha asks, Stones or Beatles?

I like actual music, so Stones

Keith Johnson asks, The Thin Man or Boston Blackie

I fucking loooove The Thin Man!

Michelle H. Gurdal asks, What is your purpose?

I hope it’s to make amazing Bible movies, cuz that’s what I plan to do soon.

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