people should be allowed to do what they want in this life

they should be able to love who they want

wear what they want

work where they want

live what they want.

people should be able to say whatever the fuck they want.

film what they want

rock out they way they want

and get paid off by whoever they want.

if people want to talk behind peoples back, they should be allowed to.

if people want to paint their house pink, they should be allowed to.

if they wanna drive 55, it should be ok

if they wanna drive 155, people should get outta the way.

if they wanna play the lottery

or fantasy baseball

or satanic verses

or nursery rhymes, everyone should say fuck yeah nursery rhymes.

people should not be able to use leaf blowers before noon.

garbage trucks should not be a thing until 11:30am

all bars should be open 24 hours a day

and banks, especially if they insist on being on every corner, should be forced to stay open until 10pm

and you should be allowed to do DMV activity in there

and also pay your rent

and your cable bill.

there should be free condoms everywhere.

there should be a pinball machine in every 7-11

kids should learn about sex and cooking and auto repair

starting in kindergarten

if a cop is found guilty of breaking the law,

they should get double the penalty as a non cop.

and if a cat is caught pooping inches away from the kitty litter box

instead of inside of it,

it should be set free to roam the streets of hollywood

since it wants to just poop wherever.

cats should be allowed to poop wherever

just not in my bachelor pad

of love.

and finally,

if someone wants me to like them back,

like like-like them back,

it is extremely easy:

trust me times a million

never lie to me

always do exactly what i say

never doubt me

and never cancel on me.

good things will happen.

i am not like your stupid dumbass lying ass boyfriends of years gone by.

i am the busblog.

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