saw a good movie: ‘From The Land Of The Moon’

first the plan was dunkirk but dunkirk was sold out, so we didnt see nothin

next day amber’s all, lets see ‘From The Land Of The Moon’

marion cotillard. free at the academy sunday afternoon.

but for some reason i wanted to see dunkirk even though it was getting mixed reviews.

problem is im cheap and the ONLY way anyone was recommending seeing dunkirk was in IMax 70MM

high on cocaine 3D where the chairs move and every 20 minutes ushers douse you with ketchup.

half hour before the cotillard’s french flick started amber goes,

lets see if we can get to the academy in time and if we do then great.

we got there 5 minutes late but still went in.

sucked me in immediately because shes crazy and who doesnt love crazy french women.

very french, very romantico in a Bell Jar way if the dude in the Bell Jar was a handsome man from Spain

super glad i saw it because these are the types of films i used to see with Michele and i miss that.

also glad because it was good and we should champion good movies.

not just spectacles.