what if the sun’s a lie

what if these rich white men don’t know what theyre doing

what if that dude in korea hates his life, hates what hes done to his people, is sick of that terrible music

and is all, you know, fuckit fire le missile.

what if his generals are all, but sir

and what if he says, i said fire le missile!

and what if his generals say

first of all it’s not french, you are not french

and even if we all were french it would be


because it would cause the Mother of All Dumb Events

what if that general was ushered away for speaking out of turn.

what if my whole life is me speaking out of turn.

what if they usher me away one day

why havent they yet?

am i the usher?

am i the way?

are you the day?

what if the suns a lie and its not there to give us warmth but to kill us.

what if bruce is only half right and everything dies but it dont come back.

what if God is like Life is a toothpaste tube and i dont squeeze that shit back in it.

even though i could.

what if theres a world where the toughest part of their olympics is

shoving paste back in the tube.

and people love the people who can do it the best, with no mess?

that would not be a world that i would want to party with.

the older you get the fewer ragers you go to

even though now you know the cops.

and even though cops, like the sun, are also lies.

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