had the most beautiful dream last night

i never dream, so when i do they’re usually bad

because they know they’re unwelcome

but this one was fantastic

and when i woke up i felt good inside.

but as i watched football today i thought

wait a damn second

that dream tricked you.

aint nothing changed in your life.

everythings exactly the same.

because that did not happen.

why would you believe the movie

and not the book.

every day i write the book.

we know what the truth is.

truth is that dog wanted his hair cut that way, aint nobody’s fault.

everybody wants something a little different.

and some people want dreams.

well you can have mine.


did the longest lyft ride i ever did yesterday

prettiest girl you ever did see.

black girl!

curls and curls and curls and curls

fuzzy flip flops and a big purse.

picked her up in the hills of hollywood and we needed to run some errands she told me

most expensive brand lyft has and there i was playing old school smooth jazz from wes montgomery

on a saturday afternoon in los angeles

smack dab on a Jewish holiday.

the roads were smooth, the sun was bright

and first thing she says once we get rolling is

oooh – i like that music.

i have this theory that i may have shared once before about native californians, including native los angelenos and that is that they are extremely mellow and down to earth because if they grew up here

they have seen it all

and i would say that even though she had the funniest way of saying things

she was chill

so we went south then east then west then south

talking about race, soul food, tacos, bell hooks, college, snapchat and most importantly taking three busses to get to high school

hour and a half drive.

there were times when there wasnt anything to say and nothing was said.

rarely does that happen but there it was.

and when it was done she even tipped me.

called my mom as i drove home and called it a day.

but not before ordering some bell hooks off amazon.