i try to be good, but it’s of no good

people dont want your help

people dont want you to lead by example

people dont care what youve done in your past thats good

people only care about the demons in their own head

how can they appease them

people bow to those demons instead of to hope, to love, to possibilities

theyre gonna vote republican

theyre gonna lie about stuff to your face

theyre gonna sell you out.

when i think of leading by example i think of Pete Rose

but people dont wanna think about Pete Rose

they just wanna say he was a dumb redneck hillbilly who was a gambling addict

they just wanna say how was he leading by example

and i say i mean in baseball, the only reason you know him, the only thing he could do great

can we focus on the thing he did great?

the people dont wanna listen.

you cannot help the people.

Jesus came down here, walked around, debated the people

but the people didnt wanna listen.

he answered all the questions from his disciples.

he walked on water on a wild day with the wind whipping around and the white caps and the spray

he fed the hungry, healed the sick, all right in front of his disciples

the people who were supposed to love him the most

his squad.

and the day before he was ready to die they said, ok cool but now can you show us God?

he said but

he said but why do you think i was able to do those things

why do you think theyre about to kill me

why do you think imma let em “kill” me

and they said yeah yeah but come on youre great, but youre not God

and then we shoulda known that you cant do anything for people

maybe your mom will appreciate it.

but thats probably it.

your mom.

and thats it.