this was a tough week

careful readers may have noticed that i hadnt updated in almost a full week.

not sure that has ever been done in the history of this blog, but as soul asylum said about records

they were made to be broken.

when bad things happen we get to take a good hard look at what things matter.

we get to rewind the tape and see if we we missed any signs.

did Fred not wanna go see Solo with me because he was depressed or because Star Wars films are becoming less special?

playing detective with our memories is an interesting game for a little while but only if it changes our behaviors going forward. how can we become better friends, boyfriends, employees, neighbors, strangers?

it’s weeks like these that make me wonder about little moments that make my day: when people are nice in traffic, when an old man shakes his head at a bad parker, when a homeless man tells me a funny and unexpected joke, when i read a funny comment on reddit, when an old song from the past gets reunited with my insatiable ears, when i feel at home out in the streets.

how can we be in the world so that we put a smile on other people’s faces as we continue slouching towards bethlehem?

theres very little in this world that i have truly wanted that i have not received. and i am so grateful to that.

right now my phone is streaming a recording of Czech pianist leading a Mozart concerto. the music is being sent through the air to a Marshall speaker that looks like one of their famous guitar amps. my cat is purring at my lap and soon i will be reading the Bible from an iPad.

we are living in some of the weirdest and yet magical periods of time.

i am so grateful.

and i am committed to being a good spirit in this dance.