i drove a big powerful movie executive on thursday

everything about her was smooth.

perfectly dressed. great sunglasses.

picked her up somewhere classy, dropped her off at a studio.

the whole time she was on the phone with this one and that one

and she was happy and smart and eloquent

and so insightful about this big director

and how to tell in an email if he had been drinking

because if he had you can disregard the tone.

she and i never talked but by piecing together the cast of characters

it was easy to find her imdb.

and when i got to where she had started in hollywood

i totally understood why she had such an even keeled disposition.

cuz that show was incredible.

even though i worked at e! and now where i do,

i have learned way more about hollywood from driving people in an out of century city

for uber

because these people are always on the phone

and this city is way smaller than it appears.

i just wish i knew who they were first because we would have better convos.