we’re gonna get through this

i promise

just hang in there.

since everyone keeps wanting to talk about the good book, heres just another lesson i have learned from reading that thing every sunday for the last 25+ years

shit takes time

in the bible there are numbers and some of those numbers are symbolic. one of the most symbolic numbers is 40

40 years the jews were in the wilderness trying to get back home.

40 days and 40 nights the rains came down during the flood.

40 just means “hella long”.

we are in that hella long period right now and it may seem like 40 years but it’s not. it just feels like it. we can make it. we can survive. and once we survive we can thrive. so just hang in there during this storm of hate and ignorance and cruelty.

this is the time that character is developed and long-lasting bonds are created and the evil is separated from the good.

unlike one of my favorite flaming lips songs, i believe that good will prevail.

the cubs won, love won, good will win.