is everything terrible?

just because some things are horrible, miserable, unfair and full of shit

doesn’t mean you should give up or forget who you are

or change how you do things.

you are not the problem.

you are the solution.

well meaning pastor from trinidad and tobaggo was on twitter today saying that stormy daniels’ lawyer michael avenatti was to blame for judge kavanaugh making it into the supreme court

as if any of the GOP senate was gonna vote against him anyway,
as if anyone on that side was gonna do the right thing

the GOP is not here to save you. or me. or us. unless our last name is Wells Fargo or Sacks or Kavanaugh.

the good preacher said that Stormy’s lawyer was a showboat and that helped energize the republicans and you know what i said to that man

i said i love showboats. LOVE. because some of my all time heroes were showboats.

Moses took his staff and said im gonna part this Red Sea in front of you and Cecil B. DeMille and my fellow Jews are gonna stroll across it and at the last minute im gonna strike my staff and all the water is gonna drown those Egyptian slave masters. and he did and it was showboating and it was so nice they made that movie twice.

later in that same book the Son of God had a huge crowd around him and one of his BFFs said Jesus we gotta feed this throng before you get to the giant speech. so Jesus turned a few fish and a couple of loaves of bread into enough food for everyone, and there was even left overs. the leftovers I would call showboating. of the most divine kind.

other black showboaters include Rosa Parks who sat in the front of the bus during a time when that not only raised eyebrows, it raised fists and police batons and got everyone up in arms. and she showed those people her boat and she said, take a picture it’ll last longer.

but maybe my favorite showboater was the dude from Tiananmen Square who had a stand off with a tank. he told that tank, let my people go! and the tank tried to get around him but Tank Man moved. then the tank tried to go the other way, but Tank Man moved that way. eventually Tank Man just climbed on top of that tank and had a chat with the dude driving the thing and they probably would have had a happy little conclusion but the authorities came and dragged him away… for showboating.

Michael Avenatti aint doing anything the GOP loudmouths are doing: stating their beliefs on TV as often as people will allow them to speak. in this world where there are too many channels and not enough content, thank God for articulate crusaders like Avenatti to stir shit up for the Libs who are getting abused environmentally, financially, in the supreme court, by the FCC, by the EPA, and fuck, seemingly everywhere.

thank god the Yankees suck and Tom Brady is losing his touch or else id have to start drinking again.

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