everyone won today, everyone lost

so much happened today i dont even know where to start.

did the american people win? pretty much. those who wanted backwards racists and crooks on their way to jail voted for them, and that’s their right.

those of us who wanted clear thinking leaders and visionaries reluctantly voted for diane feinstein

all i know is auntie maxine is going to show donald trump the back of her hand in so many delicious ways and i know they wanna put diane back in as speaker i think they should give it to maxine because she has been the one saying early and often that she cannot wait to impeach this son of a gun, so let her.

all while giving love to the first black female speaker of the house

i spent a few hours today meeting my new doctor. i had to switch docs once i switched my health plan. so they gave me the whole physical and even stuck a thing up my, and i was all, when did this procedure begin and they said about a year ago.

and i was like, well since we now know each other… she and the young doctor who was shadowing her marveled at how young i appeared and i pointed to the nearby burger king and i said, fast food 4x a week, mixed with loud music, and a sweet gf who’s down for whatever and you too will sustain this glow.

how much do you exercise?




how often are you in front of a computer?

12 hours a day.

do you wear glasses?


can you read minds?

since 1992.

we shook hands and agreed to shave the mole from my head because it was probably an xbi transmitter

a procedure that is scheduled for next week. so if i disappear, you know who to blame.

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