i scream i yell i clap i stand during most bears games

especially if theyre good which they are right now

i don’t own any bears paraphernalia

but i pay hundreds of dollars a year to see them on tv, happily

and i have since i lived in san francisco.

for a while i would only live in places that allowed for a good clear view of the direct tv satellite in the sky

and in the olden times, not everyone let you have a little dish.

amber came home from work around 4pm and i was finishing up with the bible

i said, ok at 5pm im going devote 100% on this game

which is odd because i can get totally distracted in so many other aspects of my day, but if da bears are on tv im locked in, like solid.

and yet the universe often tries to distract me. amber at 530p couldnt find this or that as she was on her way to a fancy dinner with her work friends

finally i said, too many questions, and shut the door.

but i could still hear her high heels clanking on the hard wood floor.

then near the end of the first quarter my mom texted me.

after the half there was a knock on the door.

am i 6850 del playa? no, postmates, im 6848 and 1/16th!

the bears are playing so well nbc moved them from a morning game to a night game, shouldnt you people be watching?

it seems like it’s only me.

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